This web-site takes its name (in a contracted form) from the location known as Stella Maris, a remote piece of property originally organized as a fishing and hunting camp on the banks of the Cheboygan Black River in Montmorency County, Michigan.

Its only permanent resident was born in Wisconsin in 1932, ordained into the Catholic priesthood in 1958, and holds doctorates in theology from the University of Ottawa and Université St-Paul, both in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In 1981, after leaving aside teaching and some months spent in research at the Ecumenical Institute for Advanced Theological Studies in Israel, he retired, with the Church's blessing, built a log cabin to live in, and began to lead a more secluded life given over to prayer, contemplation, writing, and the kind of manual labor that keeps one warm through the harsh winters of the northwoods.

Cabin view -- photo taken from top of equipment shed

Although the files that are either linked to this website (or are listed on it for reference) cover a wide variety of topics, the chief purpose for bringing them together here has been to make available in one location the labors and loves of a lifetime, both for the purpose of availability in this new medium (the internet) as well as furthering, by more permanent means (most likely by CD Rom copies), those efforts at "final integration" which psychologist Erik Erikson describes as characteristic of the penultimate stage of life.

Photo taken for book back cover in 2001

Several books (both previously published as well as unpublished manuscripts) are included here, plus a whole piles of essays and articles, many of which will have to have been either transcribed from typewritten manuscripts or printed texts or else "translated" from early CP/M computer operating system files.

Most among the written matter featured here are copies of DIALOGOS, which was a somewhat ambitious attempt to sponsor an on-line journal dedicated to the rapprochement of science and religion, a subject which occupied the main focus of author's graduate studies. It should be understood that this effort was aimed primarily at fostering serious conversation, and that many of the views expressed in this publication (or in a number of the other writings on this website) do not attempt to officially represent the views of the Catholic Church or any other institution.

Those who wish to contact me regarding this web page or its contents may email me under the username RWKropf  through my Gmail account.

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